A word about fitting:

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We take a traditional holistic approach to bicycle fitting. A bicycle must fit the rider, not the other way around. By employing traditional time tested methods we can help put you in an optimal position to balance your comfort, aerodynamics and power output.

We fit all of our clients to their bikes at the time of purchase. We also take appointments to help you find a good position on one of your current bicycles.

Our services:

We offer the full range of mechanical services… from tune-ups and routine maintenance… to lacing up wheel sets, custom suspension tuning and rebuilding Campy shifters. Our service standards are very high and we take a lot of pride in doing good work for our clients.

Service pricing is determined by the job. If you need a bicycle or component worked on, please bring it by so we can have a look.

Check out the “about us” page for a little more information on our background.