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Prostitution Should Be Punishable

When one considers the words, “prostitution”, one immediately associates it with brothels. However, prostitution as a trade is also prevalent in today’s society. The commercialization of this vice has created a vast number of legal brothels across the United States, operating within all regulation and restrictions, including taxes and licensing. In addition, there are hundreds of individual businesses that offer “cash for sex” services. These “for profit” businesses operate in all cities and states, despite occasional congressional hearings on the prostitution industry.

The term “prostitution” typically brings to mind images of nudity, disrobes, and pimp dresses; however, the modern meaning of the word, which should be “adult entertainment”, encompasses much more than that. Prostitution refers to any act of selling sex for a fee. Adult prostitution is illegal in every state and country. It is estimated that thousands of women and men are prostituted each year, both inside and outside of the law. This includes male prostitutes to whom pimps or trafficked women are supplied.

Those who become prostitutes for a living or others who hire prostitutes can be charged with human trafficking, a crime against humanity. Human trafficking is defined as forcing a person into involuntary servitude, causing physical harm, using deception to obtain consent, or transporting someone else across state lines for the purpose of forced labour or sexual servitude. Persons who know that they are subject to slavery can be charged under this provision of the law if they knowingly support, aid, or encourage the act of prostitution by force, fraud or coercion.

Many people who believe that prostitution is an immoral act do so because they are afraid of the prostitutes and the sex workers. There are many problems with the prostitution of course. Prostitution is not only wrong, it is also very risky and exposes the women and young girls to a number of dangerous conditions. For example, it is estimated that hundreds of young girls are routinely sold for the sole purpose of prostitution by pimps and others in the local area. This is in addition to the increased risks that are present in being pimped out to by adult prostitutes.

The majority of prostituted women and girls who work in prostitution are HIV infected. They work with infections such as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Prostitution also exposes these women to other dangerous diseases that could be life threatening such as Syphilis and gonorrhea. Prostitution also often leads to other abuses such as rape and sexual assault.

As an adult, I support the call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all those who are involved in the buying and selling of women for the purposes of prostitution. If this is not done, more young women will fall prey to the exploiters of human misery. As society and police officers stand by and watch, more innocent lives will fall under the daily shadow of prostitution. In order to protect our children, it is important that we take strong measures to arrest those who promote the buying and selling of young women and girls as prostitution.